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Attention Mac Users: So a few people were running into an issue where after downloading the mac application, they would get an error saying that the app was damaged and should be moved to trash. We looked into this and found out the following. The app is actually not damaged. Because we did not notarize the app with Apple, certain applications will be seen as damaged if downloaded from the internet. At this moment, we have no plans to go through the complicated notarization process so a mac version will not be available for the foreseeable future.

Just uploaded a new file that contains some fixes and additions including:

1. Mixing the wrong potion will no longer prevent the wolf cutscene from playing.

2. Added new music cue to the end sequence.

3. Added various sound effects.

We tested the windows version on our machines, and it's working. Unfortunately, we contacted itch.io about the mac version not working after being uploaded, but they haven't gotten back to us (The mac version works on our computers but becomes corrupted after uploading and downloading from itch). If you run into any problems playing the windows version, please let us know, and we'll try and fix it.

**********End Update**********

Red has come back to the forest to honor her grandmother, killed ten years ago by the wolf. There, she meets a mysterious cat which helps her embark on a journey of intrigue and mystery. Solve puzzles while avoiding monsters as you help Red discover the truth about what really happened to her grandmother...

Play through all 3 endings!

Join Tired Moon Studio's discord server and meet all the devs for The Little Red Lie here! https://discord.gg/57QZdNQQbw 

Programmer: Ralph Y. Wong
Join my personal discord server to see announcements for future games or to learn more about the backstory on how the game was created and story details that you may have missed in the game: https://discord.gg/XUpqhAqtDY

Programmer: Pierce Corcoran - https://thecodewarrior.dev/
I did back-end infrastructure and worked on setting up the interaction trees.

Programmer: Ifrah Khurram
I implemented the animation systems of the player and the wolf. I also designed the 5 clues puzzle. 

Artist: Claire Maker 
I did the backgrounds, red, and the end card illustrations! https://clairemakerart.weebly.com/ https://twitter.com/Galantines

Artist: Neena Fontaine-Ellis
I did the cat portraits, UI icons, wolf death scene, and creature animations.

Music : Yoshitaka Delahaije - https://theflyoccultist.bandcamp.com/
I created the soundtrack for the game, as well as various sound effects.

The soundtrack is available for streming here : https://open.spotify.com/album/1fS25tuSTrLK4cwDQFJI8n

Join Tired Moon Studio's discord server and meet all the devs for The Little Red Lie here! https://discord.gg/57QZdNQQbw 


TheLittleRedLie.zip 100 MB


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That is the happiest ending. Thanks for playing.

This was an adorable gem of a game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. 
Not sure if I'll go back for another ending though, I think I like the one that I got!

Played on stream and it was EXCELLENT! Loved the art style and the twist on the OG story. WELL DONE and much love! Hope to see more!

puzzles were good and but not enough instructions on the potion.was hard.liked it tho 7/10


This game is so cute! I really loved it!

I loved pretty much everything about this game!

Had a great time with this game 

Thank you for this horror game!

You can check my full game playthrough here:


What a beautiful game! I love the art so much and the whole story got me asking for more.

It was a great experience and I had lots of fun with it.

Keep it up with the awesome work.

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Many surprises, a very interesting sequel for the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale and very horror-like. We enjoyed playing through this and show the two main endings with our unique voice acting. You did very well.

Thanks, we're glad people are still playing this game.

alguien sabe si esta en espa帽ol? UnU

this was an old video I recorded so excuse the audio but I loved this game!! Great atmosphere with hints of humor and a big plot twist. Genius!!!

Late to the party but still enjoyed my stay. :) I liked the atmosphere & build-up, the puzzles weren't difficult so it was smooth sailing. Really nice work with this project. :) 

A quick review was in the making to dive into this story! So many questions and i'm sure so many opinions. Community, here's the review for us all to explore. 

This game was fantastic, I was not expecting any horror aspect to the game but it delivered. I love how after meeting the cat, things get serious, the design from the background to the characters was really good, in fact I found myself loving the wolf alot more than red herself. It is a really well made game and now that I know there is another game coming up, I cannot wait to play that as well.

Glad to know people are still enjoying this game. Thanks for the kind words.


It is a nice story with thought-provoking dilemmas.

Thanks for making a video.


This game is hot right now! I have to say I love the music SO MUCH! Thank you for the awesome game

No Commentary - Don't Believe Your Elders Ending


Rinkaku did a great job with the music. He's got a lot of talent.


I really liked this! It had a really good story and actually got me a few times! I like this little reimagining of the little red riding hood! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

Glad you liked it so much. We're working on a second game now so hopefully you'll enjoy that one too.

Ill definitely play it!

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Pros ans cons are down below) 

Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):

How do you like this version of the little red riding hood?? I like the darker versions of the fairytales a lot! Do you want me to make a vid where I'd tell you the real stories behind the fairytales...

1. The story is very cool! I like the darker approaches to the fairytales a lot and I absolutely loved this version! Also, the game has 2 endings which is very nice as well)
2. The style of the game is absolutely incredible! The wolf is art.
3. It's free! C'mon, just play the game, it's amazing, I promise!

1. I feel like if the map would circle around it would be much nicer as it wouldn't take as long to get from one part of the map to another. The mechanics are pretty simple so there's only so much time when they keep being entertaining and I feel that running from one side to another for 40 minutes really tests the patience. But I mean, it prolongues the gameplay a bit and the game is free so I can't really whine about anything)

Just play the game, it's awesome! I rate it 9 red hoods / 10 (officially 5/5 stars on itch). I really wish to see more similar games! That was incredible!
Thanks for taking your time to read this comment till the end, have an incredible day! <3


If I had a nickle for every time a cat spoke to me in unbroken english while I was on a quest for vengeance against an animal that killed my grandma...I'd be very confused. 


I love the art style of this game

thank you!


Wanted to let people know that we fixed the bug with collecting the wolf fur multiple times and not being able to finish the game if the potion is mixed wrong


I enjoyed this game. The art is really cool, I especially enjoy the wolf character. My only thing is that if you get the recipe wrong there's a glitch where you keep the wolf's fur and can't go back into the cave or complete the ritual. I had to play the game again but, other than that it was okay. 


Literally bypassed the middle man and directly to the stomach I go! haha I absolutely loved this game! The story, the characters, the design, the mechanics, the RED! All of it wrapped up in a little red package. Kudos to all that worked on this, and I am now following for when the next development is released! 

Great work!


this was so much fun! the wolf design is so cool!! the sound track also was really good! the twist was really interesting and i might've gasped when the cat explained why! truly a fun game with really pretty art!!


Glad you liked it so much.

No mac build? :/


In order to do a mac build that won't be seen as a corrupted file, we need to have the app notarized, which none of us know how to do at the moment. I looked into it, and it seems like a convoluted process. I hope Apple changes how they handle non-notarized apps in the future. Sorry.


i have a question, do you have more games? this is truly amazing! i want to play more of your game.


I have done more games which you can find by going to my creator page. However, currently the Tired Moon Studios team is working on a new game which we will reveal in the near future. so keep your eyes peeled for that. Thanks for the kind words.


here is our part two and finale of an amazing game!! 


part 1 of our little red lie play through! Such an amazing and dope game! 

Thanks for the kind words.


I really liked this game, though haven't completed all the endings but I'll try. And dang that twist


This was a really cool game! The graphics were stunning, and I loved looking at the trees in the background while running. The puzzles weren't extremely difficult, and running from the wolf was thrilling (in a good way!) I liked that it was a side-scroller, since it just fit the overall aesthetic. My only complaint is that the cave is a bit too long and boring to make your way through, but that's very minor and doesn't harm the good of the game overall. The story itself was also a nice twist, as it extends on the original while maintaining its own uniqueness. Super awesome!


Great art, great audio, great twist to the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

I stared at the table puzzle for a long while too.


Just started downloading the game for YouTube! 


This game was so visually impressive and interesting that at times I got lost in the art. The story is also a refreshing spin on the fairy tale and would love to see whether this could be expanded on. Only issue I have is that there is a lot of side scrolling / running with little to no pay off. 


I loved everything about this game. From the art style to the story that gave me the chills. I hope to see more games like this in the future as I really enjoyed this one!!!

Glad you liked it. We are contemplating what game we should work on next. Stay tuned. Thanks

Hello ! I鈥檓 beginner artist, I鈥檓 searching for a new game art experience  and want to be a part of your team as artist. I can draw images and animations for your game, really like your art style! 

Hi, do you have a link to work we could take a look at? Thanks.

yeah, here is! https://www.behance.net/melkornschannel here a couple of my artwork, but not all

We ended up adding another artist already. Thanks for sharing though.


You've committed one of the cardinal sins of horror. You revealed the monster before we even got a chance to play the game.


I absolutely loved playing this game! I really like the concept and the style of the game! Sadly at the end the game must've bugged out or something, because after I messed up the potion and died I couldn't go back into the cave again or perform the ritual. None the less, fantastic game!!

Thanks for the kind words. Try downloading the updated version. That should fix the problem where you can't go into the cave again after mixing the potion wrong.

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