The midsummer festival is tomorrow. Erik is a young aspiring fiddle player who wants to impress the whole town with his musical talent. There's only one problem. He doesn't have any. Faced with the prospect of embarrassing himself at the festival, Erik sets out on a journey to improve his fiddle playing skills, which may cost him his life or the lives of his family.

This game is based on the stories of a mythological creature called the Nacken. According to legends, this creature lived in the river, would grab unsuspecting people, and drown them. It would also take on the form of different creatures such as a man with a fiddle or a white horse. In these different shapes, the Nacken would lure victims into the river with a melodious tune or tempt them to take a ride then drown them. There were certain ways to fend off the monster, but we'll let you play the game to find out how.

Art and UI : SealCat

Programmer : Flavedo

Programmer : Ralph Y. Wong

Music : Akuro Soren - @akurosoren (SoundCloud)

Soundtracks : The Fiddler in the River OST

Ralph Y. Wong

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Updated 11 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorsralphyua, flavedogame, Akuro Soren, Sealcat
Tags2D, Hand-drawn, Music, mythology, Narrative, Side Scroller


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Got 3 endings so far! I'm guessing the last is without the book

One of the endings is without the book, yes

Got all of them! I just realised this game is only like 2 days old lol

I absolutely love the artstyle, I've gotten one of the four endings. Is there really a place I can find steel and things like that?

Oh, found it!

We've been getting a lot of positive comments about the art. That would be Sealcat's doing. Glad you liked the game.


Absolutely phenomenal game. No spoilers, but I believe I achieved one of the endings.

There are four endings in all. We would have let the player continue from a certain point in the game instead of starting all over, but we ran out of time.


Amazing art


Thank you!