A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the distant future, most citizens are in serious debt (Maybe not too distant). Declaring bankruptcy is no longer an option, and many are sent to prison. However, some choose to go on the hit game show Debtor's Run where they can win money to pay off their debts. The only catch is if you lose, you are executed.

Debtor's Run is a 2D platformer where you run a deadly obstacle course while collecting money. 

Install instructions

For mac, just unzip the file and run the game.

For Windows, just unzip the file and run the executable file.


DebtorsRun.app.zip 68 MB
DebtorsRunWin.zip 68 MB


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Looks like a really nice platforms I like how the in game camera moves with the player. Good team effort!

This is such a good and engaging game. I find the challenges and game mechanics interesting to play along to and the familiar controls and game movement easy to get started with. If developed further I would def be interested in buying it too.

Thanks for the kind words. We don't have any plans as of yet to develop it any further, but who knows what the future will bring.

I think this game is excellent! This is the kind of precision platforming where, when you die, you feel like it was actually your fault. I personally never felt any parts of the game were unfair, just hard, but satisfying too.

The world is also pretty encapsulating. I like how the questions are based on the game world and there are clues in the background. The host antagonising you throughout the game is also pretty entertaining. My only gripe would maybe be that it can be distracting when you're on a tricky platforming section, but it was a surprisingly good motivator.

I think with a bit more time, some polishing and obviously making the game longer, this would be something I'd happily pay money for. I'm gonna follow you guys and hope you follow-up on this in the future.

Great work!

Hi, glad you enjoyed the game. We worked really hard on it so it's nice to know people appreciate the effort.

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Visually stunning and competent gameplay, this is it. This is some real blood, sweat, and tears worth of effort right here. I really enjoyed the concept of the environment, how every one is in debt and Debtors Run's is created to compensate for this. I found Xaudia to be a character that was engaging, if not bitter at time. The variety in levels, the platforming, the art, all these things were top notch. In terms of difficulty, there are some sections (maybe a lot) where things feel unfair (talking about you, last and 2nd to last level). But even then, you have to admire that there is such grace in the platforming that it can be forgiven and be labeled "challenging". This game is definitely a big contender, so look out, everyone!

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Thank you so much!